Advanced open water course

The logical continuation after completion of the open water course is the Advanced Open Water Course. Here you’ll learn to become a fully-fledged diver by expanding your knowledge and skills. The best thing about this course is the freedom of choice. The course consists of 5 dives total. Two of these dives are fixed parts: underwater navigation and deep diving (32 meters). However, you get to choose 3 additional dives based on skills you want to learn such as night dives, underwater photography, wreck diving, etc. Ask us about all the possibilities! After this course you will be an all-around diver who can dive up to 32 meters deep together with another certified diver. During this course, we always try to visit the most beautiful reefs in order for you to enjoy as much of the underwater life that Curacao has to offer.

This experience is available for ages 14 and up.

What does the course consist of?

  • Theory Lessons and Material
  • 5 Specialized Dives
  • Advanced Open Water License

Dive ‘dushi’